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Since beginning of human being, genetically they creative on various things. So people intend to create creative innovations as they want with limitless freedom. When consider all those arts and craft most of the people intend to design and create things using needles and threads. As those activities basically based on needles it used to call as needlework. Nowadays lots of people used to do needlework for purpose of business as well as hobby. Rather than business purpose, kids and elderly people do needlework for passing their time and kids enjoying this as a leisure time work and it also develop skills as well as patience. In this broad topic “needlework”, here we discus in this article everything about needlework patterns, stitches, arts, history, types and all relevant information.


What is Needlework –

“Arts and Crafts design and made by primarily based on needle or similar shaper thing”

History of Needlework

When it comes to history of needlework, it can be recognized Egyptian embroidery is the earliest evidence for needlework. Furthermore, investigation able to find out some “painting with thread” who have done by Romans. Magic thing in this needle work is, basic needlework stitching haven’t changed much over for centuries. Same as present days’ earliest people used to stitch using needle and thread. However, needle which used to stich earlier much more different than present. Ancient people used bone, wood, warm, simple clothes from animal skins as needle which is today replaced by steel or plastic.

Needle works get more popular America in colonial time, which stitching was part of girl’s education and women intended to practice more needlework including needlepoint, embroidery, Knitting, Sewing, Tatting, Lucet and etc. Still able to see very beautiful ancient handmade needlework in museums all around the world including Metropolitan Museum of Art, Victoria and Albert Museum, Ercigoj art 

After all these years needlework get more advanced and developed year by year keeping same ancient stitching methods which are still useful and haven’t changed ever.


Needlework types

  1. Needle lace / Lace-making
  2. Quilting
  3. Appliqué
  4. Embroidery
  5. Crochet
  6. Knitting
  7. Sewing
  8. Tatting
  9. Lucet
  10. Macramé
  11. Braiding and tassel making
  12. Tapestry
  13. Needlepoint
  14. Bead weaving: loom and off-loom

Source: Wikipedia


Needlework Patterns

Needlework is a collaborate of thread, needle and fabric works and there is no specific pattern for needlework and there is 1,000s of patterns under several categories primarily based on Blackwork, Embroidery, Needlepoint / tapestry and Mixed techniques (a mix of cross stitch and specialty stitches). Depend on your skills you could able to design or create new designs, crafts and arts as much as you want with using those limitless types and techniques in needlework. Simply as sewing cloths together and advanced you can design drawing into fabric using embroidery method. To make 1000s of these various patterns you should definitely follow needlework stiches which is one of the most basic part in needlework.


Needlework Stitches

Stitches mainly use on embroidery works and there are several types of stitching methods such as, Running Stitch, Backstitch, Split Stitch, Stem Stitch, Satin Stitch and Etc. furthermore most of the hand needlework has specific types of stiches for make things together and design beautiful arts and patterns on fabric. Stitching procedure could be identified as movement of theneedle in sewing, knitting, or crocheting. Based on the stitching type it could be chose suitable needle considering length and size as well as steel, plastic or wood. Only using stich pattern it can be design wonderful art work on fabric or similar materials as bellow, 

  • Stitch on fabric

types of Stitch

Source: pinterest

  • Stitch on wood
embroidary stitch on wood plate
Source: gravgrav.com

Needlework Art

Art, there is thousands of types of art in the world depend on people interest and also based on cultural background. However, when its comes to needlework art there is no any limitation among people or cultures. Everyone’s love needlework arts and some skilled person can design wonderful needlework arts. Needlework arts has ancient history and as mentioned above some techniques and skilled still use in the modern day. These arts can be basically list down under above mentioned needlework types. According to its own work “ART” there is no limit, design, method or any specific fact and designer has full space to make an art as it wishes. This art can also can be use for pass time, as a hobby or even more as a business because of this industry has huge demand in the world market.

Needlework Kit

To design wonderful needlework art, it should use some unique techniques as well as tools. Based on the type of needlework it can be chose what kind of tool kit use to design particular art. As an example “hand embroidery basically use – needle and hoop” rather than usual materials such as fabric, tread etc.

  • Basic Tools for needlework
Basic Tools for needelwork
Source: sublimestitching.com


Needlework for beginners

You can find some valuable guide to basic hand stitches in mybluprint website,

Hand Embroidery Stitches for Beginner
Source: myblueprint

Also the following video tutorial lesson will be guide you to A-Z machine embroidery works. (Follow all the video tutorial)


Needlework guilds

As a purpose of enhance needlework industry as well as enhancement of people who engaging with this industry there are number of guilds all around the world. These organisation aim to keep develop all activities relating to needlework and its sub categories such as embroidery, needlepoint, Crochet, Knitting, Sewing etc. People can get proper idea about this art and if you looking for carryon this art up to business level these organisations would be one of your first step. Here is some of the world leading needlework and its sub related guilds,

💠 Embroiderers’ Guild of America

💠 Royal School of Needlework

💠 Needlework Guild of Minnesota

💠 Needlework Guild of Canada

💠 American Needlepoint Guild

💠 German Embroiderer’s guild e.v

Historic needlework

After considering all the basic details relating to needlework there is some historic needlework arts which are belongs to this ancient art.

More Arts on: metmuseum.org



Crochet is another main textile creating method under needlework. Crochet is a process of making textiles by primarily using crochet…

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