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Knitting is a method, where yarn is manipulated to create a fabric. It can be done by using a machine or by hand. Different types of wool, needles and stitch types can be used to knit a fabric.

History of knitting

The word “Knitting” is derived from the English word “knot”. The first commercial knitting guilds appear in the early 15th century in Western Europe. The Guild of Saint Fiacre was founded in Paris in 1527 but the archives mention an organization of knitters from 1268. Later on, hand knitting became a free time activity among rich people. Although Richard Rutt, an English Roman Catholic priest wrote a book about hand knitting, named “A History of Hand Knitting”.



There are two basic forms of knitting patterns: Text patterns and Chart patterns. Some patterns include the entire instructions in both forms, as some knitters prefer one or the other.

Text patterns typically provide sequential instructions to be followed and may also helpful advice. But Chart patterns provide visual feedback on the relative positions of stitches. They may be color-coded for multi-color knitting.

Knitting stitches

There are several knitting stitches which can use for any projects. 

Stockinette stitch is one of the most popular, yet easy knitting stitches. It is perfect for any project and for learning the basics of knitting and purling.

The Garter stitch is the most basic and simple of knitting patterns. It is the first pattern most beginning knitters learn.

The Seed stitch is a very easy knit and purl stitch that gives a beautiful raised dimple 

effect, almost like scattered seeds.

In addition to that, there are some other stitches like, Linen stitch, The Purl Ridge stitch, The Netted stitch, Bamboo Stitch and Basket weave stitch which do particular different knitting as well. Furthermore you can get some stitch ideas from needlepoint.

How to CAST ON Knitting for Total Beginners

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